Portugal Campeão do Mundo de Columbofilia 2018

Columbofilia na Alemanha

My name is Martin Steffl and i am from Germany. I live in the nice city of Künzelsau in the south of Germany. I have pigeons together with my father and we race in combination in district 700 in Germany where are about 260 members. Since 2001 we are every year in top in club and since 2005 also in disctrict. 2016 was the peak of our racing pigeon career… We won every title in club and district, we were FCI World Champion (One Loft Race competition) and we participate Olympics in Bruxelles with our top bird “Olympic Pünktchen”. Since 1974 my father has pigeons, and since i can walk i am with him in the lofts. In last 2 years pigeonssport for us became more and more professional as it is a confirmation for our work in breeding loft for the last 15 year. We believe in eye signs and special body and wing theories, that is the way make us as good as were are. Our aim is to live the pigeonssport and for us and our club members to have fun with racing pigeons are take care of each selves and enjoy pigeonssport. that i wish to all fanciers worldwide too!

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